Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So I kinda have a thing for asians;

Model: Hara Yi.

Hara is one of the prettiest asian ladies I know. She's fantastic in front of the camera and really knows how to pose herself without looking too awkward. She's also a really enjoyable person to be around, full of so many laughs. I can't wait to take her photos again. 

Welcome to the Jungle;

She's got the look in her eyes and a hunger for the wild.

Model: Erin Diehl

This was actually the model's idea. She came to me one day and said "can we do a jungle themed shoot?" and from there I ran with it. I really love how well her face holds the cheetah make-up. She's got some of the most perfect features for this.

Tall and proud, she watches her land.

This reminds me so much of an actual shot you might find of a cheetah. Her stance and profile are lovely, much like a cheetah when its photographed from the side.

Soul Gazers;

Eyes are said to be the window to the soul. If you look deep enough, that is; gaze and you will find what you have been searching for this long, long while.

Model: Angel Mae.

Angel is one of my favorite people to photograph. Her features could strike any man to his knees and her personality is beyond beauty. She is just an all around amazing person.